Arise & Blossom - Dress for Success Event, my review.

Does the way you dress say anything about who you truly are?   Many in the audience on Saturday November 11 at the Arise and Blossom Women Organization Dress for Success event  got answers that were worth far more than the entry fee of $30.00 EC dollars and the local fruit drink welcome that was provided by Chillin' Restaurant (the owner, Mrs. Jacqueline Lyttle was a powerful presenter at their inaugural seminar). With fabulous local and regional speakers, the women in attendance were challenged, and encouraged. Let me say right now, I look forward to other Arise and Blossom events, but  on to my review of their most recent event.  The opening treat was a gift for the first woman that would get up and model their outfit, a gift valued at $100.00 from Stylin Chic by Auldine was enough to get the women in attendance settled and full of expectation for the rest of the afternoon.

The first presenter was local Classic Fashionista, Mrs. Jean Johnny-Findlay. Impeccably dressed, she share…

Fabulous Female - Phylicia Bernard

I connected to this week's Fabulous Female because of one of her Facebook groups. After qualifying for a free one-on-one coaching experience with her (She is truly *fabulous* at what she does), I found out she is a Caribbean queen.  Originally from the South American country of Guyana, Phylicia Bernard is a Personal Stylist and much more! Read her interview with Women of Business, Caribbean. Comment and Share!

1.Describe yourself in no more than three sentences, one if it is possible. I am a bold, innovative, ambitious woman who is completely passionate about what she does and empowering women to show up even more confident in the world.

5 Financial Tips from 5 Fabulous Females. Part 1.

Dear Women of Business,
I missed you all and am looking forward to interacting on a more regular basis with you.  In my time away, its been all over the news that women are being financially and physically abused. Many are afraid to leave some of their circumstances due to a lack of financial independence.

Too many women in the Caribbean don't have access to financial education and support. Women of Business has decided to share some financial advice given to us by some of our Fabulous Females.  We hope that you are encouraged to keep keeping on. #empowerment #domesticabuseisnotok #keepyourmoneyhoney #earnyourmoneyhoney #womenofbusiness

Kesha George
Women of Business, Caribbean

What is the best piece of financial advice you ever got? Answers by Fabulous Females
1. “Your salary should be the seed to start your business’’ from Apostle Vivian Duncan.  - Peridot Webster-Steele of Peri's Plus, Trinidad and Tobago. Read more of her story here.

2. "Diversify your portfolio…

Fabulous Female - Ms. Peridot Webster-Steele

Mrs. Peridot Webster-Steele is a fun and FABULOUS bundle of energy and joy.  A firm believer that a good fitting bra brings out the best in a woman, she is celebrating her 10th year in the bra industry with her business Peri's Plus.

1.Describe yourself in no more than three sentences, one if it is possible.
A young woman striving to leave a legacy of excellence through her talents.

Fabulous Female - Ms. Donnalisa Phillips

When you meet this week's Fabulous Female, Miss Donnalisa Phillips, her smile and flawlessly beat face draws you in.  As a Trinidadian Make Up Artist, her desire is for you to identify your most striking features and learn how to accentuate them.

1. Describe yourself in no more than three sentences, one if it is possible.  I am a God fearing, assertive, hardworking, dynamic and creative woman.
2. Who or What is your greatest motivation?
I’m driven by my passion to discover, pursue and fulfil my God-given destiny.

Fabulous Female - Miss Ophelia Myall of

This resilient woman has come out smelling like roses from a life situation that would have buried a lesser person in despair.  She is brave and strong and Women of Business, Caribbean is honoured to feature this week's Fabulous Female - Miss Ophelia Myall out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
1. Describe yourself in no more than three sentences, one if it is possible.I am a God-fearing woman with a love for humanity and one who truly enjoys helping others while on a personal journey to fulfill my purpose on this earth.

2. Who or What is your greatest motivation?My greatest motivation, after God, is my daughter Tzi Myall.

Fabulous Female - Mrs. Elene Charles Jones, Business Manager/Certified Travel Agent

Mrs. Elene Jones is a proud Vincentian woman who is determined to make a go of her business of choice. She is one of those people who is outgoing and engaging. Read on to see what she shares with Women of Business, Caribbean.

1. Describe yourself in no more than three sentences, one if it is possible.I am a phenomenal woman with a purpose. I'm passionate about helping others, wealth creation and constantly developing ways to efficiently achieve and exceed these goals.